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I was very pleased with the care and guidance I received from Cindy. She became a good friend by getting to know me and my family and helped us all feel confident in the birth experience with her expert knowledge on the subject. I was able to have the birth I wanted with no intervention and no medication and I thank Cindy for helping make the experience the precious miracle it was.
                                            Jenna G.

I am a first time mom who had a goal of a natural childbirth with no medication. Cindy helped me to reach this goal. She was respectful of my time with my husband and helped involve him in the labor and birthing process. My birthing experience is something I will always treasure as positive and intimate with minimal medical intervention. Cindy was available to me after birth for my MANY breastfeeding questions. I now have a healthy, happy, and robust 3 month old!
                                       Amy K.

Cindy had to fill some pretty big shoes at my last birth! I was in active labor and my husband was on his way home from Baltimore. During that time she was a source of emotional encouragement and physical comfort as soon as she came to my home. This was a fairly fast labor for me--and my midwife attributed this to my being so comfortable in my surroundings and with those who were with me. She did a beautiful job in helping me relax--even through the rough spots. (we were purposely trying to slow down things to get my husband home; this meant a longer, drawn out "transition" stage for me) My husband was also comforted knowing I was not alone.
Once my husband arrived--about 20 minutes before birth--Cindy appropriately stepped back and let me spend those last few intense minutes with my husband. Her help was so appreciated by both Steve and I. I look forward to having her with me again someday!
                                     Kristen G.